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Spectators At Car Race Shocked By Colorful Streak Across Sky

Not to mention the giant eye hovering above it.
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Spectators at a recent car race were shocked to discover a strange, rainbow-colored streak hanging in the blue sky over the raceway, while viewers of the video were even more freaked out when they realized what else the filmmakers caught on camera. 


In the video, the cameraperson and their companions are exclaiming over the strange colors in the sky, which appear as some kind of streaky, cloud-shaped rainbow.

There is an explanation for this atmospheric phenomenon. It is called a “fire rainbow” or a circumhorizontal arc. Though not true rainbows, they are formed by light refracting through plate-shaped ice crystals in high-altitude cirrus clouds, which give them their signature flame-like shape. Fire rainbows are characterized by the horizontal band of color, with red on top and violet on the bottom. If you look at these clouds and the colors seen in them, it is clear that is what we are witnessing.

However, viewers of this video were even more disturbed by another shape they saw in the clouds: namely the “eye” above the rainbow. Several folks left comments about the “eye of Horus,” a perennially popular symbol of protection that dates back to the days of ancient Egypt.

While finding shapes in clouds and ascribing meaning to them is a popular pastime, the combination of this rare atmospheric phenomenon plus this very notable giant, godlike eye in the sky gave a lot of viewers pause. Is it only pareidolia, the human mind’s capacity for recognizing shapes, especially humanoid ones, in random stimuli? Or was it really a peek at a heavenly creature, gazing down from above?