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Photographer Captures Unbelievable Rainbow Ice Caves at Mt. Rainier

It's like something out of a fantasy!
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Photographer Mathew Nichols has made a career out of focusing on the natural beauty and splendor of the Pacific Northwest. From capturing the glory of the night sky to the wonders of Olympic National Park to bioluminescence of algae collecting on some Pacific shorelines. To capture his stunning shots he treks out into the wilderness, sets up cameras in the darkest parts of the night, and sometimes stays up, filming all night, in order to capture these rare, unbelievable images of nature in the height of its colorful splendor.

But for this colorful shot, he didn’t need darkness. Instead, he needed sunlight.


In the video, the photographer treks deep into ice caves on the slopes of Mt. Rainier. When the sun hits the ice at the exact right angle, the cave lights up in an array of rainbow colors!

The images he was able to capture are beyond magnificent, as every angle shows a different color scheme and play of angles and tones.

It’s beautiful… but dangerous. Many commenters want hat multiple people have died while trekking into these caves, because they are incredibly fragile, heavy, and prone to collapse at the slightest change in temperature or disturbance. With the heat waves this country has been experiencing, that makes a trip into these places dangerous not only for tourists, but also for the search and rescue teams who are honor bound to try to pull you out should anything untoward happen. They warn would-be Instagrammers that the stunning images are not worth the risk.

Besides, we already have these to look at.