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Someone Asked A.I. What Happened to Queen Elizabeth After She Passed and TBH It’s Terrifying

There and quite a few folks who agree how accurate they think the rendering likely is...

The latest trend sweeping TikTok is to run code on an A.I. painting bot and “ask it” to draw various things based on the parameters you read it. Depending on its coding, the machine will create a digital painting predicated on particular artist’s styles. Some folks are having a lot of fun with this, mashing up celebrities’ faces or turning their favorite quotes or song titles into beautiful or bizarre digital paintings.

The way artificial intelligence art creation programs work is that programmers give the A.I. a series of prompts, telling them to make an image to either match or avoid certain subjects. By refining the prompts, they can “code” the A.I. to produce particular images. Depending on the A.I. program used, the images can be drawn using all manner of datasets.

One wonders exactly what coding prompts were used to create these creepy images of Queen Elizabeth II in the afterlife.


Though the caption on this video says “what happened to Queen Elizabeth after she passed” the actual coding of an A.I. art program is not straight English syntax, but a series of codes and search terms. That’s why although the face looks like the recently deceased Queen of England in some of these images, her clothing appears more like her famous namesake, the first Queen Elizabeth of England, who rules hundreds of years ago and wore those massive collars that bore her name.

Additionally, the hellish, underworld environs in these paintings make me think that an interesting set of codes were used. Then again, A.I. is known for going violent and dark whenever possible.

Do remember that these painting programs are not prophets nor oracles. They only see what their human programmers tell them to.