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Woman Claims She Can ‘Quantum Jump’ By Simply Taking a Shower

If you could disappear to another, better, reality, would you?

There are some crazy claims being put forth by TikTokers, and even some dangerous challenges that you should definitely not try. This TikTok technique is unique for being simultaneously completely off the walls and pretty darn safe. This woman claims that the key to jumping between parallel universes is not magical portals or particle colliders, but rather simply taking a shower.


All you need to quantum jump, the woman claims, is a nice shower and the powers of your own mind. Here’s how it’s done:

First, get ready for your shower. When you get in, say to yourself: “Upon completing the shower, I’m going to be transported into the timeline that…” followed by a list of all the things that you want to manifest for yourself.

According to this video, while washing up, what you are doing is cleansing yourself of anything holding back from your desired realty, such as shame, self-limiting beliefs, and anger.

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Then, simply step out of the shower and into your new reality.

Sounds easy, right? I know that I find showers to be a place of solitary meditation. You’re alone, you are undistracted, there’s nothing but you and the water. What better moment to slip between universes, like Stranger Things’s Eleven and a sensory deprivation tank.

In the film Everything Everywhere All At Once, universe jumping is achieved by doing something weird or statistically improbable. Maybe going very still within yourself and wishing really hard can help interdimensional travel as well. It certainly can’t do any harm. 

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