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This Woman Claims "Quantum Jumping" Has Supercharged her Fitness Routine

If you don't like your body, find the universe in which you do.
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There are many wacky fitness trends out there. Some folks swear by “hot”yoga. Others prefer body building. You can’t talk to someone who does CrossFit for ten minutes without learning that they do, in fact, do CrossFit. The fitness world has plenty of fringe activities, too, and what counts as “fringe” usually depends on what stands the test of time, and what is merely a flash in the pan. Think “kale” vs. “yoni eggs.” But this is a fitness trend I’ve never heard of before: quantum jumping.

In this video, a woman claims that her favorite fitness technique is “quantum jumping.” She states what she’s done to elevate her physique is simply “quantum jump” into the universe where she had her ideal body type.

“I thought this was some kind of new jump rope technique,” says one confused viewer in the comments.

But no. It’s a visualization (or “manifestation”) technique, in which you picture yourself in the life/body/job/situation you want. Metaphorically, you think ourself into that other, more idealized timeline.

Some people take it much more seriously, though, and believe they really are switching timelines. They talk about the subtle changes in their new timeline (often known as the Mandela Effect), and think that they’ve slipped into another time stream in the multiverse.

“People will say anything on this app except what’s true,” scoffs one viewer.

But visualization of goals is a times-tested method to help you focus on them, and get excited to put in the actual work that will make those dreams come true.

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