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The Eerie Reason You Might Be Smelling Smoke, Even When There's No Fire

And no, it's not your neighbor smoking...

Have you ever noticed the unexpected odor of smoke in your home, even though no one in your house is a smoker, and you definitely didn’t leave the oven on?This psychic medium claims it’s actually the smell of an entity in your presence. If the scent is comforting, like grandpa’s favorite pipe, or your father after he’s been barbecuing, it’s probably just a loved one who has dropped by to visit. But if the smell isn’t sitting right with you, and you’re absolutely sure there is no blaze nearby, there might be something malevolent going on. 


In this video, psychic medium Katharine Branham explains that there are some entities that, for whatever reason, have not moved on to the realm in which they belong. They are likely to be attracted to you when you yourself are in a spiritual place, perhaps during prayer, powerful dreams, astral projection, meditation, etc., and are close to a whatever you believe is a higher power.

After making absolutely sure that there are no smoking rags in your garage, faulty wiring behind your fridge, or forest fires in the vicinity, you can banish the smoky spirits yourself. Call in angels, spirit guides, ancestors, or whatever guardian powers you believe in, open your windows, wipe down surfaces in your house with a white vinegar solution, and tell this entity to begone.

For the next few nights, take a moment before bedtime to ask for assistance from these higher powers, requesting that they protect your energy field while you dream to keep these “disincarnate spirits” and their stench away from you.

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And of course, remember to check the batteries in your smoke detectors! 

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