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Past Life "Markers" Could Help You Plot Your Destiny

This psychic explains how they work.

Some people believe that our souls are eternal beings that incarnate on this world (and possible others) over and over again, learning lessons about life, the universe, and everything as we go. For some, this means that your reincarnations include “soul groups” that bring you in contact with the same people over and over again. For others, this means that you can, on some level, plan for certain things to occur in your life before they happen.

“If you’ve ever experienced extreme attraction to something, such as a person or a place, or an intense feeling of deja vu, this could be what is happening,” begins this TikTok video. She’s talking about psychic “markers”— signs that you are approaching one of your pre-destined parts of your life.


Most scientists believe that dejavu is nothing more than your brain misfiring and creating a false memory of something happening long before it did, so that whatever you are currently experiencing feels like it happened before. But in this theory, deja vu is actually your soul’s recognition of something that you planned out before you “incarnated” into your life finally coming to fruition.

“In order to feel that we’re on the right track, we give ourselves images of what these people or events are going to look like so they are in our subconscious mind,” she says. “Our soul is communicating to us that we are on the right track.”

So the next time your gut is telling you that something is strangely familiar, perhaps it is your soul speaking to you from the astral plane.