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Psychic Believes He Helped His Neighbor’s Spirit Move On

Here's what to do if you meet a ghost.

This man has advice on how to handle an encounter with a ghost or other supernatural spirit, should you encounter one, and uses a recent example of his own experience. He says he noticed the ghost of a woman just wandering around the parking lot of his apartment complex, so he decided to approach her and see if he could ascertain what was going on. She seemed to be mumbling something but he couldn’t make out what it was and she projected an aura of general confusion. 

He asked her if everything was okay but that really startled her and she took off running. He wasn’t about to chase down a ghost in his parking lot so instead he went about his day, running some errands around town. When he returned there was quite a commotion with police officers and a hearse at his neighbor’s home. He immediately suspects something is up and that the two incidents are related. He believed he could still sense her spirit in the vicinity, but he just couldn’t see her.

He sat outside and mediated to feel around for her energy, hoping to try and talk with her again and maybe even help her. Eventually, he sensed she was down by the lake nearby so he went to check. Sure enough he could see her there, but before he approached her again he wanted to take precautions not to startle her again. He stood there and let his energy emanate a calm and safe aura. He believed it was working and as she sensed it she looked up at him and that’s when he approached her. He asked what was going on, but she still seemed very confused. She said she thought she was dead but what she was experiencing was completely different than what her religion had taught.

He asked her if she knew how she had passed and she said it was some sort of heart condition and the last thing she remembered was gasping for air. She began to cry and he noticed two other spirits were coming in behind her. He saw a man and a woman who wanted this woman’s spirit to come with them, but she seemed unable to see them. 

He asked the spirit he believed to be his neighbor if anybody she loved had passed away before her and she nodded, saying her parents. As soon as she began to think of them she was able to see them there with her. He says they embraced and went off into the spirit world together.

This certainly seems like the kindest way to find out why ghosts haunt us and how to help them move on to whatever it is that comes next. 

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