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Psychic Describes What It's Like Going to the Doctor for Headaches

"I use my brain...for work."
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It must be a real trip being a psychic. In some states, you need to get all kinds of special licenses as a “fortune teller,” even if the term conjures up far more activity with silk scarves and crystal balls than you’d like to associate yourself with. And the scientific community doesn’t believe your abilities, but you still need to live your life, and that includes going to the doctor. How do you explain to your physician that you’re having headaches, and it’s possible that they come from all the heavy-duty mental labor you perform for work?

This TikTok psychic found out, recently, when he went to the doctor to complain, and braced himself for what he worried would be an onslaught of judgement.

In the video, a psychic explains what it’s like going to the doctor and explaining what you do for a living. He did want to see if his headaches were being caused by the mental strain of his job, or something more serious like migraines or even, even forfend, a brain tumor.

His door asked if he had to do a lot of mental work at his job, and of course, he replied yes.

Any skepticism his physician may have felt, forever, was quickly abated when he began telling her about the vibes he was getting both from her and the other employees in her office. As he described one moving story of an interaction she’d had with a prior patient, she began to cry.

But, sir, what about your headaches. All good now?

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