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How To Make a Protection Bag Out of Common Household Ingredients

This seems simple enough...

Most people think that magic spells and rituals take specialized ingredients—things like eye of newt or dragon’s tongues. But that stuff can be difficult to track down at the local corner store, and that’s before you take into account current supply chain issues. Would you be surprised to learn that magic rituals can be performed with everyday household objects? So were a lot of people after watching the following video.

In this video, a man shows how to make a simple protection bag or talisman out of ingredients found in your grocery store’s spice aisle.


First get a small bag. According to the video, a jar can work too, but a bag is easier to carry around with you in a pocket or purse. The bag can be made of cotton, muslin, velvet—pretty much any small piece of fabric, either with a drawstring or something you can tie closed with a bit of twine.

Next fill it with the following: cinnamon (he uses powdered but I recommend stick cinnamon to keep it from getting messy), rosemary, pink Himalayan salt, and bay leaves. Most of these herbs and spices are known for their protective and good luck qualities. To finish off your bag, write down your intentions and desires on a slip of paper and slip it inside the bag.

In the comments, people suggest that if you use whole bay leaves, you can write or inscribe those intentions on the leaves themselves, which seems like an excellent idea, and adds a rustic flair to your craft.