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Check Out This Super Haunted Civil War-Era Ventriloquist Dummy

It's also... a prosthetic leg? What?
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Dolls, mannequins, and ventriloquists dummies are among the top category of objects that people find unnerving, and there’s a psychological reason behind it. The principle of the “uncanny” was coined by Freud, and can be defined as the sense of fear, horror, and revulsion that people feel toward things that look very near to being alive, but aren’t. This includes things like mannequins, statues, dolls, and even corpses. You have probably heard the term, “the uncanny valley” in relation to computer animations of human figures, as the revulsive feeling of the uncanny actually increases the closer a humanlike figure gets to looking real without actually being real.

This ventriloquist’s dummy doesn’t look all that real, especially as it’s just a head attached to a prosthetic limb. But it certainly is incredibly cursed.

In this video, psychic medium share a glimpse at one of his most haunted objects, a Civil War-era ventriloquist’s dummy head grafted onto a wooden prosthetic limb? Why? I don’t know. To haunt your nightmares is our best guess.

Even weirder, the man claims the item is haunted, and that when he’s alone in the room with it, he hears whispers in foreign tongues like Spanish and Portuguese.

In the video, as soon as he starts talking about the object, its little creepy mouth opens, as if to say, “Hey!”

We….have questions. Who put that head on that thing? Why? Why did its current owner buy it? Why are we not burning it with fire and burying the ashes?

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