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Woman Shares Haunting Story of Sister Potentially Predicting Her Own Death

Dreams hold power.
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I’ve always been a person with vivid dreams, and dreams that I can remember details of, long after I’ve woken up. I’ve even managed to train myself to change the endings of recurring nightmares (no more missing a final exam in college classes I took decades ago for me!) Though scientists say we all dream, most dreams are not remembered by the conscious self, and we’re all subject to the whims of our subconscious mind. However, dreamwork is a skill that can be practiced, and there are many ways to “teach” yourself lucid dreaming, or how to wake yourself from nightmares.

But prophetic dreams? Though stories of them persist through history and literature, that skill might be beyond me. But for some, it might be the most important dreaming skill of all… especially if it can save your life.

She shares a story of a “prophetic dream” she says a family member had, about dying in a river. Soon after the woman had the dream, she said she went to a canal to fish, and recognized the spot immediate from the dream. She told her companions, “I died here,” and promptly left.

So what do you think? Did her dream deja vu save her life?

In the comments, viewers think it did, and share their own stories of dreams that came true. However, critics of prophetic dreaming and deja vu say that it’s just a random misfire of neurons in our brain, making us “remember” things we are seeing for the first time.

But I doubt she lost much by skipping the fishing session that day, either way. She certainly felt more at ease!

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