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Woman Claims Mother Had a Prophetic Dream About Her Own Death and Ended Up Being Right

This is spine-chilling.

This woman reveals that when she was a teenager her mother told her about a dream she’d had that later turned out to be all too true. It was a casual dinner conversation when her mother said she dreamed of a red room with a coffin in it, but she didn’t know who was in it. A week later her mother passed away and she was shocked to discover the viewing was in a red room with the casket in the center just as her mother chillingly predicted.  

It is often said that dreams of death rarely indicate an actual physical death, but this is a reminder that it certainly can be. Nearly every discussion of death in dreams warns not to interpret it literally but instead to understand it as a symbolical for one thing ending a new beginning.  

In the comments the woman divulges her mom had other dreams this vivid that came true but does not share them, but she also experiences these strange prophetic visions in her sleep sometimes. As dreams are slippery, intangible things that melt away with waking, many opt to keep a dream journal and transcribe their dreams to paper first thing upon waking each morning.  

While not all dreams are prophetic, many people continue the practice as they find it helps them to remember their dreams better which is interesting even if not significant to future events. Keeping a record of one’s dreams would help identify latent abilities, were one’s dreams to literally be coming true. It would be terrible to receive a vision and just forget it! 

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