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Paranormal Investigators Claim Prison Ghosts Possessed One of Their Own

This is legit terrifying.

A group of paranormal investigators got more than they bargained for during a recent trip to a Nevada State Prison. They claim that three of their party members were temporarily possessed by unknown entities, and they have video to prove it.

This video may be disturbing for some to watch, because whatever is going on, the people involved seem to absolutely believe that what is happening to them is real.


“I’m getting aggression of of this one,” says a woman in this video, which nicely frames a normal-looking man sitting on a cement floor. “Do you see the expression on his face?”

It’s actually pretty tough to see his expression. At any rate, he quickly closes his eyes and doesn’t move again as the woman approaches him, lays a hand on his shoulder, and proceeds to read aloud from some sort of Christian exorcism ritual on her phone. After a few moments, he seems to snap out of his trance and looks up at her, as if surprised to see her there. He claims to remember nothing of what happened, or even the others entering the room where he sits, but says he feels like he’s “coming down from anger.”

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Moments later, another woman appears to have been invaded, and and the same process is used to release her. For a third supposed victim, her uncontrolled giggling at what is happening around her is enough to cast suspicion on her, and she is made to say the “code word” that should reveal whether or not they have been possessed.

Eventually the lady in charge of the exorcisms decides enough is enough and leads them all out of the prison together. Is it real paranormal activity, or just group hysteria?

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