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Practicing Witch Shares How An Egg Can Help Protect You From Evil

This ancient practice has been used by cultures all over the world.

Every just have a feeling that something is... off? Like no matter what you do or how you do it, it goes wrong, and it feels like there is almost something cosmic at play? Well if you are a practicing witch, that "feeling" might actually be intuition. And that intuition is rarely off. So what's a modern witch to do? Turn to the ancient practice of egg cleansing of course.

That's what witch Kenzi did on TikTok when she said she had a feeling something or someone was "messing" with her. So she broke down exactly what was going on. 


In her cleansing ritual she took a room temperature egg and clear glass of room temperature water. She cracked the egg into the cup where it pretty much immediately sank. She pointed out that the rising bubbles at the top of the glass indicated that some negativity was on her. Where the whites separate form the yolk, so can see it pulling upward into needle/nail like shapes, which she claims means someone is actively hexing you. 

So she decided that she was going to "return to sender," and added herbs and spices to the glass that would put the negative energy back on them. When she was done, she dumped it in the toilet and cleansed it away.

Followers had a few thoughts on methods, mainly critiquing that "returning to sender" would only result in bad energy for herself. Others warned her that looking into the cup or at the mixture in the toilet would put the negative energy back onto her. But all in all this therapeutic process in general is haled as an old remedy for negative energy. 

Witch practices are highly personal, so do what rituals feel right to you, and ultimately make sure you're moving with good intentions and all should work out just fine.