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Woman Convinced She Sees Portal Opening in the Sky

It is an amazing sight...

Throughout human history, people have looked into the skies and been awestruck. In olden days, they thought an eclipse, or a thunderbolt could be a sign from an angry god. That a meteor is an omen, and a comet could spell doom. To this day, a vast swath of humanity still believes that the movement of the stars can determine a person’s personality and fate. And that’s not even counting the non-astronomical weirdness that folks see in the sky. What are we to make of the reports of angels, or the fact that even the government has come to admit the existence of UFOs? What is going on up there?

This woman is convinced that she found a recording of a portal opening up in the sky.

In the video, the woman points out a recent recording of people taking videos of a strange phenomenon in the sky, where first the clouds seem to get bright and light on fire, and then a massive, shining light fills the whole sky, disappears into the “portal” opened above, and vanishes.

She wonders loud and long about the likelihood of the video being photoshopped, and posits that that is why you can see other people taking videos in this video, as if it proves it’s not “fake.”

Well, it’s not “fake,” but it’s not supernatural either.

“I can tell some of y’all have never been to Florida,” says one viewer with a “laugh” emoji. “That’s NASA.”

“It’s funny how all the Floridians here knew immediately,” agrees another.

What these people are filming is a rocket launch. It is extremely bright, and can light up the night sky so that it looks like day, and cause the same brilliant, flame-like reflection on any low-lying clouds as well.

In some ways, I guess it is a portal…to space.

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