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Apparently This Person Opened a “Portal” Using Lapis Lazuli

And the footage is pretty mesmerizing.
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The stone known as lapis lazuli has been prized by human civilizations across the globe for over six thousands years. Its deep blue color has been used in art and even makeup the world over. Ancient Sumerians believed it contained divine spirits, it is mentioned in the Bible, and it was used to decorate the sarcophagi of Egyptian pharaohs and to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Today, crystal enthusiasts prize the gem for what they claim is its powers to impart wisdom, clarity, insight, and protection from evil forces. But in this video, a woman claims that it can open a portal into a universe filled with dragons.

Wait, what?


In the video, which appears to be shot at night time on a beach (lighting indeterminate), a large hunk of highly polished stone that the video claims is lapis is being held up. In the reflection of lights off the tone, if you squint very hard, then do some post-processing of the video such tha the image is doubled, reversed, and aligned perfectly, you can see the vague outline of what is possibly a dragon’s eye.

The people in this video are incredibly excited about this fact. They are shouting and squealing. And no one wants to wreck that kind of fun, especially these days.

Ad maybe lapis really can be a glimpse into another world. I’ve always thought their mixes of blue, green, white and brown looked like little worlds all on their own.