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Couple Captures Mysterious Blue Light In Sky That Looks an Awful Lot Like a Portal

What on earth is that?

This couple in San Marcos, Texas called their daughter to look outside and see if she could see this strange blue light too. It started with a neighbor knocking on the door and telling them to come outside and see what was in the sky. When they obliged they saw an eerie blue light emanating from what seemed to be a split in the air itself. The man swears it’s not a filter or a trick and pans the camera around so it can be seen that the phenomenon is really happening in the sky. It’s so strange that the couple phones up their daughter who lives about a mile and half away to ask if she sees anything in the skies - and she did. The daughter saw three white lights in a triangle flying in the sky that seemed to be in the direction towards her parents home.  

Some believe this seeming crack in the sky to be a portal to another time or place, but skeptics have other explanations. The triangle of lights could easily be a drone but the blue light requires some digging.  

Similar colored displays of light were reported over England when Kvant lasers was testing new, powerful lasers for promotional photographs. These lasers are so powerful that the company was compelled to notify both local airports as well as the police force before aiming the cutting edge technology at the sky.

Another incident was popularized across social media when an owner of a particularly high beam flashlight used it to guide his UberEats driver to his difficult to find location. 

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