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Woman Swears What Ring Camera Captured Proves There’s a Portal In Her Backyard

She says they feel like positive entities on the upside.

What could cause spectral ghostly images that dissipate like smoke raining down into a backyard? This person thinks it might be a portal letting spirits enter the mortal realm to protect them.


Some commenters have suggested less exciting answers like mosquitos or other insects but at times the apparitions seem to go behind trees that is inconsistent with blurry bugs. The most defined example appears to have arms extended swooping down toward the ground before it just disintegrates into thin air. Could this be a halloween projector from the neighbor’s yard spilling off to the sides?

Less defined specters are sometimes called orbs and are thought by many to be spirits made of light or ghosts that struggle with corporeal form. Some even go so far as to try to contact these potential beings in the spirit world.

Not everybody is keen to believe these beings are good or helpful and might wish to rid themselves of any potential ghosts or demons hanging around their home. These spiritual cleansings often involve the use of plants and herbs along with other magical tools.

Good, evil, or just a Halloween projection - you’ll have to be the judge for now.