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Porch Camera Catches Ghost Lingering Near Driveway Before Vanishing

What is that thing?

Porch security cameras are big business these days, and they are popular sources for spooky videos. It seems like everyone is sharing clips of people’s lawns, driveways, and front doors, and whatever weird things might be going on out there. If you’re a wildlife lover, there’s plenty of chances to catalogue every bird, squirrel, or raccoon that ventures onto your property. If you like the spooky stuff, however, you’re more likely to be keeping an eye out for Bigfoot, UFOs, or ghosts.

This family is pretty sure there’s something supernatural lurking in their yard, and after reviewing the footage, we have questions, too.

In the video, a shot of a carport or porch and driveway seems to show a glowing violet humanoid right on the edge of the darkness. It lingers there, forlorn, as the camera seems to activate (even though the recording was occurring for several seconds before this?) The windsocks up, kicking over the scarecrow decoration and—whoosh!—the figure vanishes.

Was the ghost scared off? Did it run out of ectoplasm? And why was the camera recording before it announced itself?

The most likely explanation for what we’re seeing here is a combination of light and the aforementioned wind. Note that the purple figure is “standing” in the exact same line as the overhead light. And then, when the wind blows, the figure disappears. What we’re likely seeing is some kind of debris on the lens, such as a scrap of spiderweb, that causes the iridescent purple reflection from the porch light. This same bit of debris bows out of the way when the wind acts up.

As for the camera announcement, however—I do not know.

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