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Man Asks Ghost to Move Object and Something Flies Across Room

He did ask in the name of Jesus...
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When it comes to ghost hunting, there’s a variety of different types of “evidence” that paranormal investigators point too. Some rely on the vague interpretations of radio signals, burping out words or phrases as they randomly switch through channels, as if ghost can somehow tell what is about to be broadcast over the radio and tune a dial to exactly the right frequency at precisely the right moment. Others prefer flashing lights, or the old “knock once for yes, twice for no” that tabletop mediums favored a century ago.

Of course, the gold standard has always been not a knock, but an entire object moving on its own. And that’s exactly what this fellow claims to have caught in his haunted house.

In the video, a man takes us into a messy, cluttered room he claims is haunted. He asks the spirits he believes to be in residence to move something “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

The ghost, apparently, obliges, knocking over a can that was mystifyingly placed right in front of the TV screen.

He claims to have panicked when that happened, and comes back and asks the spirit to move something again. A toy car rolls across the same TV stand.

So what’s going on? A poltergeist, perhaps? Or just a guy who wants to have a little fun instead of cleaning up his wreck of a den?

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