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Man Records Eerie Poltergeist Activity In Home While Away

The growling is particularly unsettling.

This job has me watching a lot of ghost videos online. A lot. And, to be perfectly honest, I’ve gotten a little jaded about them. There are so many, and so many fakes, and so many fakes where folks seem to have gotten TikTok famous by posting increasingly outlandish “haunted” videos of their homes. It’s been a while since any of them really freaked me out.

All of this is to say…this one freaked me out. 

In this video, a man says he set up a camera to record what was going on in his house while he was gone, and got the surprise of his life. Atfirst, it’s nothing more than doors opening and shutting. But then the lights flicker. The fan turns off and back on. The doors slam a couple of times. And then there’s the noises. A growl, a whisper, a moan… that, for some reason freaked me out far more than some poltergeist activity.

(A “poltergeist” is a term for a ghostly presence that makes itself known by moving objects around. It comes from two German words: poltern, which means “to make a disturbance” and geist, which means “ghost”.)

Could it all be faked? Sure. Many of these videos are. But this one’s charm (and chill factor) lies in how dramatic it isn’t. There are no attic ladders falling in our faces, no kitchen cabinets flying open and cutlery zooming around. It’s just some lights, a ceiling fan, and that unearthly faint growl.

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