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Police Officer Stunned By Activity In Haunted House

What is standing in that door?

Any cop will tell you that responding to house calls can brings variety of bizarre results. Sometimes, the strange noises a resident might hear in their home is indeed the result of an intruder, and in that case, the policeman come in handy. But occasionally it is nothing more than an animal in the attic, a cranky boiler in the basement, or even a figment of the caller’s imagination.

In this case, however, it appears to be the police officer who is seeing something unexpected—a possible ghost, standing right at the door!


In this video, a police officer, still in his car, is filming the exterior of what looks to be a house under construction. The facade and landscaping appears unfinished, and the house itself seems empty. There are, however, a few lights on inside, and there also appears to be a strange, silent figure standing watch by the door.

As the cop rolls his car forward, the figure vanishes, then reappears again. So what is going on here? Is it a ghost?

Not so much. The disappearing, reappearing figure is most likely nothing more than a reflection from a nearby streetlight, which would explain both its stillness and why it flickers in and out of existence as the cop changes position on the street.

The term pareidolia refers to the tendency in the human brain to create visual patterns out of random arrangements. When you see a figure in the clouds or a face in the grill and headlights of a car, you can thank your pattern-searching brain. When someone looks at the interplays of shadows in the reflection of a dark window and sees a person standing there it’s not a signal, it’s just his mind making sense out of noise.