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Police Chase Seems to End With Suspect Shapeshifting

Quick, somebody call the MiB.

An armed policeman bangs on a large window of a business as he approaches the glass doors, gun drawn. A shadowed figure that looks like a man is at the door and seems to crouch to the ground and tumble - but when he rolls out of the tumble he seems to emerge as a dog before disappearing behind the wall. It is reported the officer gave a statement saying he was dispatched to what was thought to be a burglary but when he arrived on the scene he found what appeared to be a large bipedal animal. He claims he fired his gun when it seemed the creature was going to attack him.  

Is this shapeshifter a werewolf of legend, able to shift seamlessly between human and canine form? Tales of humans shifting into dogs, wolves, or other similar predators have been found in many cultures all over the world and are still found frequently in modern fiction.   

Others suggest the strange morphing cryptid that evaded police capture was a skinwalker of Navajo legend. These shapeshifters were said to be able to take on the form of a predator and sometimes even the appearance of other people. This supernatural ability is said to be only accessible to medicine men or “witches” as the European settlers called them.  

The only non-paranormal explanation that seems plausible would be some kind of parkour stunt, a street sport adapted from obstacles courses, marital arts, and other movement based studies. It seems like such a thing would have been easily recognized by the police officer, rather than his account of a bipedal animal on the scene.

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