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Over 50 People Have Fainted While Touring This English Poison Garden This Year

Everything here is deadly.

England has been experiencing a record heatwave this year, which has left it struggling. Because the climate in the country is usually cooler, many residents are not used to the soaring temperatures, and do not have houses equipped to handle the heat.

However, the heatwave alone does not explain the number of incidents to befall visitors to the Alnwick Garden’s famous “Poison Garden”, a tourist attraction in a Northumberland castle where every single plant inside is capable of delivering the sweet kiss of death.


In this video, employees at the poison green detail that this year alone, they’ve experienced fifty-five fainting episodes, four incidents of projectile vomiting, and even once had to call for an ambulance. Though viewers were quick to blame the unprecedented heat for a few of these occurrences, that’s not all that’s going on here.

Gardeners at Alnwick don full protective gear, including a hazmat suit, face shield and gloves, before going to tend the plants in the iron =gated poison garden. Many of the more dangerous specimens are kept inside wrought iron cages, in order to further deter curious visitors from touching them.

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But tourists are headstrong, and occasionally very dumb. Despite massive signs at every entrance, they honestly don’t always understand that “poison” means, well, poison. What is more, even if they obey all the rules, visitors can find themselves succumbing to the plants, as some even have scents or polled that can be toxic, and the hot weather is probably contributing to the dispersal of airborne toxins.

As if you needed another reason to wear a mask. 

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