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Woman Claims Pocket Crystals Helped Score Her Husband a Big Job

It evidently worked...

Proponents of crystal work say the right crystals can help balance your energy, bring you healing and insight, and even good luck. And it certainly worked for this fellow, whose crystal-loving wife filled his pockets with certain stones before he went in for a chat with his boss about a raise.


In this adorable video, shot at five a.m., a couple is exchanging sleepy smiles as the woman hands over an array of crystals to her man in order to help him nail his request for a raise.

The crystals he carried were as follows:

Green aventurine: known as “the gambler’s stone”, this variation on quartz is thought to bring good luck, abundance, and opportunity.

Black tourmaline: also called schorl, this is a powerful protection stone. It repels negative thoughts, banishes bad energy, and promotes balance and grounding, which is perfect for any occasion in which you’re looking for confidence and an optimistic outlook.

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Malachite: a copper carbonate mineral, malachite is also a protection stone, and encourages risk taking and opportunity-seeking.

Blue Apatite: This aqua blue crystal is associated with communication, and can assist with motivation, ambition, self-confidence and self-acceptance.

And, finally, rhodochrosite: this rose-red stone is associated with personal talent, courage, and the unlocking of one’s will.

“Thank you, cutie,” her responds to his wife, grateful that she got up at five a.m. to wish him well and send him off with a little magic.

Apparently, the good luck charm worked, as not only did the gentleman receive his asked-for raise, but he was also granted an upgraded position!

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