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Toys In Baby’s Playpen Jump Up After Mysterious Reflection Walks By

People are trying to explain this one...

It’s strange what some people are willing to claim as a haunting these days. Is every flicker of your lights a ghostly signal? Every strange noise? Every object flying mysteriously off the counter and hovering in eldritch shapes while a red mist appears in your kitchen?

Just me?

In this video, a family is hanging out in the living room when the base of their playpen mysteriously starts hopping around. Or is it so mysterious?


This video is very carefully framed not to show anything beyond the actual floor of the playpen. If there is something underneath or to the side of it, we’ll never know. What we do see is a child playing happily inside the playpen while an adult sits nearby, distracted. Behind them, there is an unidentified shadow reflecting off the sliding glass door, as if someone located behind this camera is walking across the room. A moment later, the base of the playpen jumps. Not even the baby looks up from their toy, as if this is not an unusual occurrence. It jumps again.

Now, the older man notices and he startles in surprise. The baby, however, appears non-plussed.

But what happened? Oh, any number of things. The person walking by could have jostled it. There could have been a cat or other family pet nestled underneath the playpen who jumped up when that person walked by. Someone could have kicked the playpen and carefully filmed it as a “ghost video” for clout.

Viewers in the comments section are arguing about possible theories. But almost no one, other than whoever labeled the hashtags, think that this was the work of a ghost.