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Woman Learns Husband Is Convinced Platypuses Are Mythical Creatures

He’s hysterical.

One of the reasons I stay so open-minded about the existence of cryptids is that when I was young, I read an encyclopedia article saying that giant squids were just the stuff of salty old sailor tales. Except now we know that giant squids do actually exist! Knowledge of things change as we learn more. (Do they attack ships? Not so much.)

One animal we’re still learning about is the Australian monotreme known as the platypus, and everything we learn about it is, in a word, weird. It’s a mammal! That lays eggs! And it’s venomous! And it glows green and blue under UV light

Is it any wonder that some people are not aware that this creature is actually real?


It’s easy to chuckle at poor Codie, who manages in this video to insist that the platypus is the brainchild of the folks behind Phineas and Ferb, as well as deny the existence of the narwhal. However, in asking around, I’ve learned this idea that narwhals are similarly “mythical” is pretty common. For the record, a narwhal is a polar-dwelling species distinguished by a single long, spiraling tooth that juts out of their mouth like a unicorn horn. The creature has even been hunted for centuries by those who took this tooth as a trophy and pretended it was a unicorn horn.

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Despite his skepticism about these two very real animals, Codie is one hundred percent a believer in well-known cryptids like Sasquatch and sea monsters. Given that he’s deployed on a submarine, he might have some inside information about this latter beast. 

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