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People Are Convinced These Waving Plants Are Secret Fae Traps

That admittedly doesn’t look natural.

Two young women were out for a walk when they stumbled upon a plant behaving strangely. It’s quite odd for a plant to be behaving at all, as they are usually passive, but this one seems to be actively waving hello to passers-by. One of the women took out her phone and began recording, saying “This is the most obvious fae trap I have ever seen!” The plant moves, waving and shaking back and forth vigorously, seemingly of its own accord. All the other plants around it are still other than when hit by the moving plant.


The other woman says she wants to go touch the plant, no doubt to find the source of the movement. She is held back by the camera woman who warns her that is how you get kidnapped by the fae.

There have been a number of cases of these dancing plants reported when there was clearly no wind present. The most common paranormal answer is to label it a faery trap. This seems at least as plausible as the official scientific answer circulating the internet which involves imperceptible micro-winds that magnify tiny oscillations in the plant that spiral into wild and erratic movements. This sounds a lot like “the dog ate my homework” but for adult scientists. 

There are two much more probable causes we have to consider, at least until someone touches one on camera and gets transported to Faerie. The first is a surprising phenomenon some gardeners have experienced first hand - a pile of worms at the roots. These can’t necessarily be seen with only a visual examination of the plant, but if you dig it up you might find a mess of worms wriggling around causing the plant to do the same. Another possibility is a small rodent chewing on the stalk or digging around it that can’t be seen from the distance of the camera.

Would you touch it and try to go to the land of Faerie?

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