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Man Finds Creepy Remains of Plane Crash Lost in the Woods

What happened here?

The more I read about the scary things that can be found in forests, the more I am beginning to rethink my love of hiking. For instance, can you imagine stumbling on this creepy find?


In the video, a man finds the remains of an old plane crash while hiking in the woods. The clearing near the hollowed-out fuselage shows the spot’s tragic history, with old stumps and broken trees revealing the terrible final path this small aircraft must have once taken.

The crash site is located near a hiking trail in Sylva, North Carolina, and the plane is a Cessna 414A which crashed there in 1983. Locals say that poor weather and pilot error contributed to the fatal crash, which claimed the lives of both people on board. Due to the rough, rocky terrain, only the bodies and plane engines could be removed from the mountain, leaving behind only the wings and fuselage as a terrible reminder of the disaster that occurred here.

Though it is a strenuous two mile hike, the crash site has proven a popular destination with those who like their wilderness treks to come with more tragedy than treescapes. Would be hikers start from the Waterrock Knob Visitors Center off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and take the trailhead toward the summit. About fifty yards from the summit, there is another, smaller trail on the left that leads back down the mountain and toward the crash site. As this smaller trail is not maintained by the park service, be sure to hike with others and tell people where you are going.

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You do not want to be left on this mountain alone. 

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