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Plane Appears to Take Off Without Moving Propellers

It's a Glitch in the Matrix.
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Some people believe we are all living in a simulation, that what we think of as reality is really an ultra complex computer program, and, like all programs, sometimes the code gets a little bit wonky. That is why occasionally there are miracles, or objects that duplicate themselves, or supernatural feats that defy the laws of physics. Some folks call this a “glitch in the Matrix” after the explanation for such phenomenon that was given in the 1990s action sci-fi film based on the premise of the simulation theory, The Matrix.

This person thinks they caught a so-called glitch when hey filmed this plane taking off…without turning on its propellers.

In the video, the purple plane in the foreground taxis down the runway, accelerates, and takes off, all apparently without running its propellers. What gives?

The answer isn’t supernatural, but it’s still pretty cool. It has to do with the frame rate of the camera, or how many still frames of video are being recorded per second. If the frame rate of the video is taken at a rate that can be perfectly divided by rate of the rotation of the propeller blades, they will appear to be perfectly still. This is similar to the effect that happens in a strobe light, where people appear to be a series of freeze frames or stop-motion images.

If you watch the blades closely, you’ll see there’s the occasional slight “shudder” as if they are jerking back and forth, which indicates moments in which the frame rates do not precisely line up, but read, on video, as if it’s just the machinery shaking slightly in the wind.

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