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Plane Appears to be Stuck in Mid-Air

Why isn't it moving?

Two men driving down the highway cannot explain how this airplane is hovering still in the sky above them, seemingly motionless. The passenger of the car grabs his phone and keeps enthusiastically saying the plane isn’t moving - it’s easy to tell this is the weirdest thing he has ever seen. The car quickly catches up to the plane and drives under and then past it in a way that apparently defies physics. 

Is this huge jet plane really hovering still in the air? Sort-of! When wind speeds are very high and the plane is coming in slow to land it can create a hovering appearance where the airspeed is contrary to the ground speed. These explainable phenomena do not always sway believers, especially as doubts are high on how much the government has been concealing with their recently admitted UAP report gathering. Government cover-ups of extraterrestrial activity have been rumored for years and this disclosure undermines pubic faith in the transparency of our officials to confirm even the most basic of things the public has believed to be true for years.

Until full disclosure of government UFO information is released, it’s likely many more videos will surface both of explained and unexplained aerial phenomena. It is probably up to diligent citizen observers and witnesses to document and prove previously unknown flying technology. 

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