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You Can Use Pixiu Bracelets to Attract Wealth

And hang on to it!

The Pixiu are a mythical Chinese creature resembling lions with wings, similar to the sphinxes of the Greeks, that are believed to be auspicious in the attraction of wealth. These hybrid animals of legend are said to hungrily devour gold, silver, and jewels which are why many wear them on bracelets after having a bad year. Known as the “fortune beast”, the females counterintuitively are depicted as having antlers and are considered to ward off evil while the males of the species have no horns and are the ones in charge of wealth and go out into the world to search for it. When it returns home the female then takes over and guards it.  

In the ancient art of Feng Shui these beasts of fortune are sometimes called “Piyao” and are often used in decorating to ward off bad luck. They are used in combination with other imagery and furniture placement to facilitate harmony and balance in a physical space.  

Adding a bracelet featuring a Pixiu to your jewelry collection might be just the thing everybody needs after the past few years, but if your jewelry box is getting full now might also be the perfect time to apply that Feng Shui to cleaning and decluttering, prioritizing what you want to wear the most and remove any pieces that feel like they might be blocking good energy.  

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