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The Cleaner “Pine-Sol” Actually Has Some Witchy History

The power of Pine-Sol is that it literally works like magic.

TikTok witch Hannah Hawthorn has found another good reason to keep your house clean: your floor cleaner might have magical properties! According to the video below, Pine-Sol was appropriated from Southern Hoodoo communities due to pine’s reported purifying properties.


In Mississippi, pine was a traditional Hoodoo remedy for purifying and stripping away both physical and spiritual dirt. It was popularly used in African American cleaners of the area. Local chemist Harry A. Cole knew of pine’s chemical properties as a disinfectant and capitalized on its folkloric popularity to create his commercial cleaner.

Originally developed in 1929, and made with the stumps of old Mississippian pine forests, Pine-Sol, sadly does not contain actual pine oil anymore, so keep that in mind if you want to use it in your spiritual practice. (Note: under no circumstance should this substance be ingested or otherwise used for non-cleaning purposes).

Viewers of the video, obviously sensitive to the topic of floor cleaners, are filled with angry comments about the 2014 change in the Pine-Sol formula that removed their favorite traditional ingredient, pine oil.

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In a follow-up video, Hawthorn clarifies the change in Pine-Sol formulations, and explains that the Facebook of Pine-Sol fans are actively pestering the company to go back to their original formulation. In the meantime, cleaners such as Pinalen still do contain pine oil. And you can always make your own!

Hawthorn adds, “Just so we’re clear Hoodoo is a closed practice. Pine-Sol is not, but it’s important to recognize its uses in closed practices and show respect.”

“Explains why I feel better after mopping,” comments one viewer. 

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