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Man Uses Old Phone Camera to See Into Parallel Dimensions and the Footage Is Pretty Convincing

We are shook!

Many people who experience the so-called Mandela Effect (named for South African President and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, whom many wrongly remember as having died in prison) claim that what is actually happening is that they are slipping from one parallel dimension to another. The term attempts to explain the phenomenon in which a large percentage of the population remembers an event that did not occur or a fact that is not true, but an alternate explanation for why so many people all remember the same “wrong” thing is that we are all inter-dimensional travelers together.

Entire websites and social media accounts exist to document supposed instances of this effect, from the spelling of the popular picture book series the Berenstain Bears (or is it Berenstein?) or the logos on popular brands (wait, there isn’t a cornucopia on the logo for Fruit of the Loom underwear?)

This TikToker claims to have an old fashioned Nokia phone capable of “peering” into other dimensions and documenting the changes on brands and logos found between our current dimension and our old one.


It’s a fun trick, but if I had a phone capable of working between dimensions, I’d be worried about more than brand logos. How about documenting our fellow dimensions’ attempts to circumvent war or solve the climate crisis. No? Just Febreze (or “Febreeze”) labels? Okay.

Still, if you’ve wondered which dimension you originally hail from, it's fun to scroll through his account and see all the logos that people remember seeing in their home plane of existence.