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A Perfect Grave For Pet Lovers

So cute.... as long as they didn't take the dogs with them!

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, many people have wondered what is to become of her beloved corgis? Several years ago, people were stunned by the news that the queen had stopped getting new dogs because she didn’t want to leave them behind during her eventual demise. Wait a second, folks asked. Was the queen intending to inter her pets beside her, like Egyptian Pharaohs of old?

Not so fast. Nothing bad has befallen the queen’s pets. They are all lavishly provided for by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Pet lovers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, and get back to planning how they will handle things when they or their own beloved pooches have their time to go. This guy seems to have the right idea.


In this video, we take a tour the future grave of a man named Mike Szymanski, who, like those aforementioned Egyptian Pharaohs, is into planning his final resting place ahead of time. Though still very much alive, Szymanski has built a gorgeous memorial bench, engraved with his name, date of birth, and lovely bronze statues of his beloved Daschund dogs.

Seven statues are poised playfully about the stone bench, to symbolize the distinct personalities of the pets he had, loved, and lost. As the gentleman is still with us, he still has time to add statues of the dogs he has with him now.

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“Is it the perfect grave?” asks the video, and every dog lover viewing runs off to make their own plans. 

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