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Witch Breaks Down Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask) About Pendulums

Everything you were too afraid to ask about getting started with pendulums.

This witch has an ongoing series called No Stupid Questions in which she answers questions beginners might be too embarrassed to ask, and delves into the use of pendulums. This basic tool is basically anything on a string that swings back and forth. These are popular divination devices that are believed to give insight to questions with clear yes or no answers. Additional tools can increase the specificity of the answers, according to believers in the craft. 

She says the idea of what is communicating with you through the pendulum is deeply personal and up to each individual and their belief set. Some believe it is deities, ancestors, spirits, the universe itself, or whoever you call out to for such things.

Pendulums are great for beginners because they can give very clear yes or no answers by just swinging or a pendulum board can be added with additional answers. To practice use of this ancient craft, brace both elbows on a stable surface and pinch the pendulum between your fingers, letting it hang freely. Now stay very still and actively try not to move the pendant at all. When it is still, ask the pendulum to reveal what “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” look like. It is said to always start with this because the directions can vary based on who you are communicating with or the pendulum itself. Usually “yes” is swinging back and forth and “no” is swinging side to side, and “maybe” is a circular motion.

You don’t need a dedicated or fancy pendulum, literally any object on a string is said to work. She does suggest bonding with it as you would any divination tool.

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