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This Security Camera Supposedly Caught a "Peeping Tom" Bigfoot

What is that thing?
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People sure do love their viral spooky videos. And, with the proliferation of apps like TikTok, which make it easy to edit, remix and repost whatever they want from every corner of the internet, it’s often difficult to tell the actual provenance of the viral clip in question. A few months ago, I asked, “What is in it for a random person on TikTok to post a ‘faked’ video of Bigfoot?” But now I’m more cynical. The answer could be anything from clout-chasing to boredom. Now, whenever I see a Bigfoot clip, my first question is more like, “well, what were they doing pointing the camera at that window to start with?

And that, indeed, is the question I am asking when I see this clip going around.

In the video, a camera is aimed squarely at an open window in a house, through which we can see the darkness outside.

As we watch, a large, furry figure, with eyes as glowing as at Star Wars Jawa, approaches the window and looks in.

I…have questions. Why are they pointing the camera at this window? If their concern is security, why are they leaving the window open? Or were they trying to capture video of their strange nightly visitor, and were hoping that the open window might lure it in?

And what’s with the glowing eyes? Eyeshine is one thing, but this is a step beyond that—this things eyes are lit from within. And also disturbingly close together for a creature of that size, as if it really is a Jawa costume.

My best guess is this whole thing is a set up and faked. There’s too many oddities, and not enough context.

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