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North Carolina Couple Experience Glitch in the Matrix When a Peach Tree Mysteriously Appears In Their Yard

She’s having an existential crisis over this and we can’t blame her.

Recently, a TikTok influencer in North Carolina was astonished when an Golden Delicious apple tree in their front yard suddenly started sprouting….peaches?

Tiktoker @_jen_hamilton_ swears that for the last several years, they’ve been enjoying Golden Delicious apples from the giant tree in their front yard. She and her husband both remember the plant being an apple tree. So what gives?


In investigating this “glitch in the Matrix” moment, Hamilton discovers it gets even weirder. In looking through her photos from years ago, she can’t even find the tree in question in their photos. So do they just misremember a tree, any tree, being in their yard at all?

The entire experience sent poor Hamilton down a rabbit hole, combing through her family photos, her husband’s old garden center receipts, as well as satellite images from Google Maps and Google Earth, trying to find evidence of the baby tree that has grown into the enormous tree in their yard and trying to figure out how an apple tree can become a peach tree.

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Eventually, her husband manages to remember that he thought the apple tree he planted eight years ago was dying and replaced it in February of 2020. Logging into his account at his favorite plant nursery, she found a receipt for a nectarine tree that does not seem to exist elsewhere on her property. Hamilton admits that as a nurse and a mother to young kids she might have lost track of what was exactly going on in her garden during the worst of the pandemic.

A savvy viewer helps her find another angle from a photo of her porch at that time that shows a baby tree in the current tree’s spot.

But how did it become so very big in just two years? That is a mystery that remains to be solved. 

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