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Spirit of Woman's Dead Dog Leaves Paw Prints in Her Bedroom

That was definitely a dog...right?

It is said that the soul of a pet dog leaves indelible paw prints on our hearts, but it seems like the spirit of this woman’s beloved pets has decided to leave paw prints elsewhere as well. After coming back from an overnight trip, she found that the coverlet on her bed was marked with the exact same kind of prints that her old dog used to leave when he was jumping on it. Has she been visited by the ghost of her dog?


“I’m not sure if this is creepy or not,” she says in the video, but in the comments, most people seem to agree that not only is it not creepy, it’s actually incredibly sweet. The woman lost her dog only five months earlier, so it’s nice to know the his spirit still lingers in her home.

“So funny how the idea of a dead person visiting me creeps me out, but the idea of a dead dog visiting makes me smile so much,” says one viewer.

Another agrees. “No one would call the Ghostbusters if they were haunted by a dog.”

In fact, though I’d usually advise people not to read the comments on the internet, the one on this post are filled to the brim with heartwarming stories about people being visited by the spirits of their long-gone pets. From the sound of their nails clickety-clacking on the hardwood, to the feel of their bodies snuggling up against your feet at night, grab your tissues and read a few account of people for whom the memories of their pets live on.