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This Woman's Horses Know Her Pasture is Haunted

Something is laughing at her.

This TikToker has been documenting the strange occurrences in her horse barn and the surrounding pastures. Flickering lights, disembodied voices calling her name, and other paranormal happenings have delighted her viewers, even as they’ve scared her and occasionally, even, her horses.

In this video, she is driving her horses back into the stables after they’ve been out in the pastures all day when they get spooked by an entirely unexpected sound: that of a baby’s laughter.


In this video, a woman is filming while walking through a pasture, gathering up her little herd of well-kept horses and sending them home for the evening, when you can see them spook and begin to run, making a wide berth around what seems to be an empty area of the pasture. But as she grows nearer see what they are running from, she hears the unmistakeable sound of a baby laughing. “What the…” she exclaims in the vide, before turning to one equine straggler who looks similarly surprised. “You heard it too, didn’t you?” she asks the horse.

Viewers are torn. Some insist this mysterious sound is nothing more than the “baby laugh” ringtone that can be easily fond on the internet. Others say it is a bobcat, which can sometimes sound like a baby (though usually a baby crying, not one laughing.) But some have more spooky explanations. “It’s a fairy,” says one commenter. “She laughed at the horse being silly and then laughed again when she realized you heard her!”

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Given the level of mischief this entity has gotten up to on this horse farm, it might just be a member of the fae. 

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