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Mom Gives Daughter’s Playhouse a Halloween Makeover and It’s Really Something

Pastel Halloween is a thing.

One of the more curious Halloween design trends of recent years—right up there with anatomically impossible decorative skeletons, has been that of “pastel Halloween.” Eschewing the usual color scheme of black, orange, and maybe a touch of purple, this new trend re-envisions this autumnal holiday in tones that might be more in place during the vernal equinox.

Fans of the look point out that many of the classic Halloween creatures are already in pale colors: skeletons, sheeted ghosts, even mummies—they already come in white. This woman has taken the pastel trend to extremes, renovating her daughter’s playhouse with a spooky theme that sticks to the softer side of the color spectrum.


In this video, a child’s playhouse is spruced up for October with some pre-made foam “gravestones," spray painted pale pink, a pile of jack-o-lanterns, also spray painted pink, and some spooky signage. “Boo crew” “Squad ghouls” “spooky season” and “wicked witches” are among the adorably painted signs in tones that range from baby’s breath to lavender hanging outside the pink door of this playhouse. A sparkly gold skeleton in a pale blue party hat hangs out inside. “Spooky babe cave” reads the sign over the front door.

Honestly, it’s scarier like this.

The maker of the “spooky babe cave” fashions herself a “minimalish mom” but I’m struggling to see how such a very specific and niche, yet enormous piece of decor could ever be called minimalist. Still, to each their own. I’ll just be over here with my actual goth Halloween decorations