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Medium Says Her Son Recently Claimed They Were Related In a Past Life

Dad was in the mix, too!

Those who believe in reincarnation often speak of “soul groups,” the idea that groups of people meet again in life after life, although their roles are not always the same. A person who was a friend or a relative in one life might be a lover in another. In this way, the love between people can transcend lifetimes. It may sound outlandish, but we’ve all had the experience of meeting someone and feeling an instant connection to them, almost as if you were destined to be close.

For this medium, she says her son has a whole theory about how they knew each other in their prior lives.


Though the medium and mother claims not to be teaching her son any of her “woo-woo” beliefs, it’s difficult to imagine that the hasn’t absorbed any of her philosophies in six years. Nevertheless, she claims that her boy told her that in a past life, she, her husband, and the child were all siblings.

This dovetails nicely with a vision she once had of two brothers, so she told her son, “That’s pretty awesome,” and moved on with their day. To be honest, this is pretty much what all parents do when their six year olds come to them with big stories, whether it’s about some playground shenanigans or super big revelations about the nature of the afterlife.

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Parenting-wise, playing it cool with your kids is always a good choice, and even more so when the things they are sharing with you might be interpreted as scary or unusual, because what you want to do, more than anything, is create an environment of safety and understanding, so they feel free to tell you the important stuff on their this life and the next. 

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