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Apparently This Is How You Can Tell If You’d Had a Past Life

What does your true past look like?
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One thing I find very interesting regarding the concept of “past lives” is why it is that some people have had many past lives and some might not have any. Are we all incarnating at different rates? Do some souls dip down to Earth all the time and some not at all?

This past life expert says there’s a simple trick to discovering if you have had a past life. According to her, if you think you have, you probably have, because people on their first lives never even consider the topic. 


I mean, that’s pretty much as simple as it can possible get, and it makes sense, too. After all, if your car isn’t making any weird noises, you’re unlikely to take it into a mechanic, right?

Of note, the concept of confirmation bias is the human tendency to favor information that confirms or strengthens the beliefs they already hold. For example, if one already believes that one has had a past life, one is far more likely to seek out a professional whose entire business model is to help you connect to and remember a past life experience, which would strengthen the belief of your past life.

One particular type of confirmation bias is known as “professional deformation” which is the habit we have of looking at everything through the lens of our own expertise. So a professional past life regression therapist might be more inclined to think certain issues you are having may be related to past life trauma. You may have heard the term, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail?” Yeah, like that.