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Woman Details Past Life In Jaw-Dropping Regression Therapy Session

This is incredibly surreal.

Past life regression therapy is a controversial practice. Proponents believe that they are glimpses into lives that have gone before, and can help people reflect on recurring problems by showing them how they were dealt with in previous cycles. Critics believe that these sessions, which often involve hypnosis and what some consider to be leading questions, introduce dreamlike false memories that may be as traumatic to the recipients as whatever problem they are trying to tackle.

In the following video, a woman in a past life regression therapy session reflects on a past death, and it’s a pretty harrowing listen. 


In the lengthy video, the woman details a memory of being a child and traveling with her family to a new home. She remembers many details from the time, but as she recalls being only seven, says she doesn’t understand exactly why they left their old home, or where it is they are going to. However, she and her family are crossing a river when she is septs away by the current. The woman sobs as she recalls dying and watching from outside her body as her family reacts to this horrible tragedy.

The experience, both her recollection and the session itself, sound pretty horrific. Skeptical comments on the video point out its relationship with episodes of Little House on the Prairie or even the old Oregon Trail video game (my party always ended up sept away by a river in that game as well). Others point out that disasters depicted in those fictional worlds were based on historical events. But either way, I hope there is some aftercare mandated in sessions such as these. 

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