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Woman Claims She Remembers the Moment She Died In a Past life and Woke Up In a New One

She was just 2 years old...

Past life recollections are a fascinating area of study. Some believe they are little more than misplaced memories, false recollection or even dreams. Others think these thoughts and feelings are more than imaginary acts of our subconscious minds, and are windows into other selves, either from previous realms of existence or even parallel dimensions.

This woman has very vivid memories of her other life, and quite a jolt from her first recollection of what she claims happened to her.


“When I died in my past life I woke up in this body,” she explains. She says it was actually her very first memory in this life, when she was two years old, and this is how it went.

In her memory, she says she died in a lightning storm and was “shot into” her body. Then she claims she woke up in her bed, a young child, and her father came in and tried to comfort her. Of course, she wasn’t comforted, because she had no idea who this man was or why she was suddenly a toddler.

“It took many years, and lots of nights crying, wondering and questioning until I figured out what happened.”

In the comments she goes into detail about her past life, which seems pretty traumatic and includes being trapped in a dungeon and starving to death, then looking out the window of her cell in her final moments to see lightning outside.

Perhaps this is why the memories connected in that moment between her two selves, due to the lightning beyond the window. Whatever the case is, one hopes her current life is more peaceful than the one she remembers.