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5-Year-Old Remembers Her Past Life and How She was Ruthlessly Murdered

There’s too much detail for this to be playing pretend, right?

Everyone knows children have wild imaginations, and that their grasp of the difference between what is real and what is imaginary can sometimes be less than certain. And sometimes, young children have wild stories about having “died” and about their “other families” who once took care of them. Sometimes these stories can be surprisingly moving, such as when they seem to describe the lives of loved ones, as if families exist in some sort of soul group and reincarnate together over the generations.

This story, however, is not comforting. Rather, it is deeply disturbing.


In the video, a young woman is questioning a five year old girl about her memories of her own past life. The girl says that she remembers dying, and that she remembered that she was murdered by a man who killed her by poisoning her lollipop.

The story is… a lot. The little girl goes into great detail about the candy she was given, its flavor, the conversation the man had with her, and what he proceeded to do with her body (bury it). She includes details about her past life’s parents and their response to her “disappearance” and even says that in her final moments, the man who killed her morphed into “the devil.”

These disturbing, explicit, and endless details make this story especially gripping. Either this girl is truly remembering something that happened to her or she’s got a killer imagination.

In the comments, other people say they, too have vivid memories of their past lives and especially their final moments.

Makes me glad I’m not an old soul.