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How a Past Life Can Bleed Into a Present One

Has this happened to you?

Nowadays, lots of people are claiming that their gadgets are catching clues of the spiritual world. The Xbox Kinect’s seeming ability to “locate” invisible people in haunted houses make some call it a “digital Ouija board.” Others are convinced that their Tesla detects ghosts trying to cross the street. And of course, there are the trusty “spirit boxes”— modified AM/FM radios that ghost hunters use to supposedly catch the voices of the dead. Even smart phones have gotten in on the paranormal tech boom, developing apps that supposedly let you talk to the other side.

But can a phone app even detect your past lives? This psychic has a sort that says yes.

In this story, a psychic explains how she was dong a reading for a client, and found an astonishing connection between the woman’s current life and her past one.

Apparently, during the reading, the psychic kept receiving images of the Mediterranean Sea. She told the client she believed it was possible she had been buried or lost in this body of water in a past life.

The woman was amazed. It turned out that she and her husband had both installed location-finding apps on their phones in case the other had ever gotten lost, but whenever her husband turned his on, the app would claim that his wife was somewhere in the Mediterranean. At the time, they figured the app was just malfunctioning, but now they wonder if the technology was picking up on something that they themselves could not.

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