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Man Sets Up Camera and Catches Ghosts Violently Pulling Partner Our Of Bed

It’s time to call a professional.

An English family has been documenting their paranormal experiences on a YouTube channel called Really Haunted. Among the scary stuff that’s been happening in their house are doors slamming, their electronics behaving wildly, their home speakers saying freaky things unprompted, and now, being violently dragged out of bed in the middle of the night!


In the video, there is a focus on a night vision view of a woman sleeping alone in her bed. Colorful stick figures, an artifact of filming using the Xbox Kinect camera, seem to dance around her, and then she is pulled straight off the bed!

Many paranormal enthusiasts are fans of filming “ghost videos” with Xbox Kinect, claiming the technology can capture the energy signature of non-corporeal presences in your home. Gamers have been shocked while playing with their consoles to find that the machine is also picking up other “players” when there is no one else in the room. Ghost hunters have seized upon this accidental boon, calling it a “digital Ouija board.”

If the output from this video is to be believed, it was the spirits demarcated by these pink and lavender energy signatures responsible for pulling the wife, Stacey, out of her bed.

Though Stacy quite understandably left the home and is currently staying in the family’s caravan (an English term for an RV or camper), the father, Lee, and their son are still staying in the house, and keeping the Xbox on, just to watch out for angry ghosts.