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You Can Visit a Paranormal Museum in Kentucky

Are you vacation planning?

Paranormal vacation planners can go ahead and mark Somerset, KY on their maps! Tucked away in this little town is the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center. This little oddity features everything from artifacts from asylums to Fiji mermaids and even a whole room dedicated to cryptids of Kentucky.  

This tourist says pretty much everything you could ever want from a creepy museum is there, in Kentucky. She goes on to say that makes sense because Kentucky is weird and has lots of strange lore and urban legend “history”.  

The Paranormal Museum is located in the lower level of the Carnegie Community Arts Center and is dedicated to investigating unexplained phenomena wherever it may occur. Their showcase includes unique items they have collected themselves as well as a rotating inventory loaned from other collections. They are also very proud of their extensive library with books covering all topics of the strange and unusual.

If you’re still holiday shopping for the witchy and weird people you love, consider a trip to a local oddity museum. Experiential activities together can create fun and lasting memories, and you can secretly scope out other gifts for them while they are distracted by all the books!

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